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So, you want to build your own stir plate?

But, why build my own?

There are a lot of reasons to build your own stir plate. The biggest reason is that most of us are tinkerers and we love projects. And a home built stir plate fits right in with home built brew kettles, chillers, kegerators, etc, etc.

There is also cost savings or at least the perception of a cost savings. Assuming your time is free and most of the parts are just laying around then you can save quite a bit of money building your own stir plate.

Then you might also have this neat wooden cigar box laying around that you think might make a nice stir plate. Just remember that after a couple of years use, that wooden cigar box won't be so nice anymore.

Actually, you could even build your stir plate in a cheap clear food container, the kind you can put 2 sandwiches in. Just don't expect the plastic to last more than 2 - 3 years!

Stir Plate Instruction Links

There are a lot of personal sites on the web with instructions for building your own stir plate. Some are excellent while others are, well, kind of iffy. We researched the web for stir plate designs and these are a few of our favorites.

Here's a rheostat based design. It's elegent, simple and cheap!

Here's another one, also rheostat based.

Here's a third rheostat based stir plate. At least find a decent box for your stir plate! This one's in a cheap plastic food container.

This one's based on a LM317 regulator. Also, he claims to need a spacer to lift the magnet away from the fan motor because the magnetic field interfered with the motor.

This guy writes an excellent set of instructions. He even tells where he initially went wrong. It's another LM317 regulator design.

Here's one based on a 555 timer PWM circuit. No, it's not our design - we designed our own.

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